Glad to see you in my gallery.
I am Karina Kucherenko, an expressionist artist who creates bright and vibrant paintings in her own gallery. My works are a reflection of my character, mentality and positive outlook on life.
About the artist
My main goal is to show people how beautiful our world is. To convey its brightness, versatility and uniqueness.
Source of inspiration:
the sun, travel, interesting people.
Blitz interview of the artist:
harmony, freedom, friendship, fortitude, development.
Main values:
"Do what you really love, then success is inevitable"
Life credo:
Robin Sharma, The 5 A.M. Club.
The Book That Changed Me:
The Netherlands, Sweden.
The best place for creativity:
to create works that will become a source of inspiration for other people.
Creative mission:
What inspires me?
I love this huge world around us. The sun is my main source of inspiration. Bright light gives rise to bright emotions.
I’m just happy to live. Waking up with the thought that today I will create again, living my new beautiful day.

Traveling and interesting people are another source of my ideas. This resource fills me, charges me with its energy, gives me confidence and strength.

Life is an exciting journey and I’m trying to show you how amazing it can be.
My creative start was not easy. I grew up in a small town where people understood little about creativity. For a long time I denied the path of the artist. I struggled with myself, thinking that paintings can only be a hobby, but not a job.

After a while, I began to show my work to the public. It was a great joy when complete strangers enthusiastically began to talk about my work. Some were attracted by boldness and brightness, others admired how subtly I feel and how successfully I combine colors. Then I realized that I do not want another path for myself. I see this world as a beautiful place and I try to reflect it in my art.
My way
At the age of 11, she became the first student in her art school who began to paint in oils.

From the age of 15, she began to actively conduct her own master classes, teaching artists of younger ages.

In 2017 she received the status of a Member of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine.

At the age of 21 she opened her own art gallery "Kucherenko Art Gallery" in Kharkiv, Ukraine.

In February 2022, she sold her first NFT. The owner of the work was a collector from Germany.
My achievements:

Frequently asked questions
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