New life

Details: 31.4 ”x 31.4” / 80 x 80 cm / 2020
Painting made with oil paints on the gallery canvas.

Many people dream of a beautiful new life. Tomorrow, or better yet, on Monday, I will start living my "new life," but these are all excuses. There will be no new life from Monday. This new life is in our heads, in our understanding and perception of the world. Everyone lives in their own world, in their own reality and it's great that we are all different, we need to be able to accept each other and respect each other. In this picture I am transferring the feeling of this new life, so harmonious, positive, quiet and gentle but at the same time dynamic. I love to play this life. This life is my new life and it is cool and real. I feel it. I live it here and now!

Guaranteed, along with the painting, the buyer receives a certificate of authenticity, an art note and other additions, which I will be happy to send as a nice addition.