The world through the eyes of the creator

Details: 15.7 ”x 15.7” / 40 x 40 cm / 2020
Painting made with oil paints on the gallery canvas.

Our universe is extraordinary in all its aspects. We are surrounded by love alone and it is only worth seeing and feeling it in the soul. To feel it means to find peace in the soul. It is necessary to be able to transform to a New Life on this planet. Find love in yourself . In this picture it is the world of the Creator and the Creator is YOU! Each of us is our own creator . We build our lives ourselves, without labels and opinion imposed by society . We know what we want and what we need for our souls. Learn to look at this world through the eyes of a creator.

Guaranteed, along with the painting, the buyer receives a certificate of authenticity, an art note and other additions, which I will be happy to send as a nice addition.